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KNOWPHISH Employee Training - Free

Employees are one of the biggest risks for your small business. That’s why we created KNOWPHISH to help them recognize social engineering tactics and be prepared for malicious content. They’re quick tips and tricks to keep everyone on their toes. We update the library as new tactics are discovered.

Office Audit - Free

The smallest, overlooked things can derail an entire security plan. We’ve created this list for a business owner to print, fill out and address deficiencies. Some things may not apply to all businesses, but most do and must receive attention.

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Network Scan and Vulnerability assessment - $224.99

If you want to take that next step, a thorough vulnerability scan, you can purchase it by clicking on the link below. The device ran this test in the original scan, so we’ll email your results immediately.

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Purchase Comprehensive Network Scan Here

Purchase Comprehensive Network Scan Here