Omnicron Security
The Holistic Approach to Cyber Security


Help secure every office.

Small organizations are being attacked at an alarming rate, up 424% over the previous year.

We’re here to help. Here’s how:

  • Omnicron sends its proprietary network directly to every local organization in your ecosystem.

  • The device is connected to the network by a staff member and an asset list and vulnerability scan is generated and sent to the parent.

  • Unused assets are removed from the network and vulnerabilities are provided to a managed service provider for remediation.

  • Employees are provided with information about current social engineering tactics.

  • An office audit checklist provides a roadmap to help ensure the physical office is secure.

The device, about the size of a cell phone, is mailed to each locality and be operated without any technical experience required.

Non Profit / Government / Church Presentation

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