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MSP Partners

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We’ve been helping MSPs for years. We’ve apportioned a part of our scanner fleet for MSPs to use on their clients. Whether it be a one time scan or a dedicated unit for a particular business, Omnicron provides a low cost, highly effective solution to help your clients secure their networks.

Omnicron is a raspberry pi device that can be deployed quickly and scans are accessed through a secured user interface. A sample of one of our scans can be found here. We’re a fast growing company and would love to partner with your MSP.


Remotely deployable, easy to use, comprehensive.

Omnicron sends its proprietary pen testing device directly to your, or your client’s office via U.S. Mail.

We’ll assign you an account where you can see the results. You’ll see all network assets, vulnerabilities and penetration testing results from our proprietary exploit database.

Re-use the device on all of your customers or deploy them on a recurring basis. We request that you use the device while in your possession. If there is a period where the device will be idle, return it and we’ll send it right back when you need it.

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