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Experience and passion.


Omnicron Security was created to combat the current cyber security crisis facing small businesses. With our affordable solutions and personalized service protection, we can now offer the same level of protection previously only available to enterprise companies.

We are cyber security evangelists. We would love to talk to you about your questions and concerns. Our mission is to make every business safe from cyber attacks.





Justin Farmer

Justin Farmer started Omnicron Security with nearly 20 years of experience in network security. Justin is a graduate of the Angelo State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, and a graduate of Western Governor’s University with a Master’s Degree in Information Security & Data Assurance. Justin holds professional certifications in Ethical Hacking, Forensic Analysis, ISO 27001, Wireless Penetration Testing, Network Security, and Disaster Recovery. Justin’s relentless quest to provide simplicity to a complex topic helps drive Omnicron Security in our mission to delivery a world class network security solution.



Angelo State University
Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems

Western Governor’s University
Master’s Degree in Information Security & Data Assurance

ISO 27001 Specialist, Certified Disaster Recovery Professional, Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator, Network+,Certified Wireless Security Professional


chief executive officer

David Friede

David is a business executive with a passion for cyber security. With over 20 year’s experience in selling services and managing businesses, David became enthralled with cyber after watching a presentation about the present threat to global e-commerce. Previously David has held roles as Chief Financial Officer for a startup firm, helping raise over $40M in funding as well as serving as Chief Marketing Officer for another startup cyber security firm. David is responsible for sales and marketing activities as well as operational functions of Omnicron Security.



Masters of Business Administration

B.S. Finance and Real Estate, Marketing

Omnicron Security Advisors

Omnicron Security is constantly improving its offerings to help small businesses take the first steps in being cyber secure.  We rely on the guidance and support from industry experts to help address critical issues in the security arena.  Our advisors include:

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David Kruse

David is the leader of Hausmann-Johnson Insurance’s Cyber Practice. His current area of expertise lies in insuring technology risks in legacy organizations and data-rich enterprises. Additionally, David administers a cyber insurance program for a national purchasing cooperative consisting of tens of thousands of public entities & non-profits. David is also responsible for keeping abreast of evolution in the insurance marketplace at large, such as insuring intellectual property enforcement, deadly weapons events, and more. Before moving into his current role, David spent time in a variety of service and account management positions as well as a number of years in the banking industry. David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marquette University.

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 JP Hill III – Secutor Consulting

JP is an industry expert in cyber security and has a great deal of breadth and depth in this sector.  JP is a valued resource to help improve company offerings as well as helping promote the strategy to small businesses that are currently not addressing critical cyber security issues.  JP has over 15 years of leadership experience in information technology with a specialization in the improvement of business profitability. Experience in the management of the budget with the alignment of information assurance standards. He was previously a director and liaison with external agencies, such as law enforcement and other advisory boards to ensure the maintenance of a strong organization security posture.


Lael Engstrom

Lael is an industry expert in helping bring new technologies to market, helping build a brand and a successful launch. She helps early stage and advanced startup companies obtain lofty revenue goals. The secret to her success is that she is passionate about what she does and this conveys directly to her stakeholders. Her success is based on a simple premise - people want solutions, not solicitations. She is a team driven leader with a keen understanding of sales enablement, expertise in go-to-market campaigns, operations, process, timing, and execution.

Paul Feather_Headshot.png

Paul Feather

Over twenty-five years of experience in information technology implementations, operations management, and security risk management; including sixteen years in IT audit, corporate compliance and risk management. Designed internal control process improvements to reduce overall IT risks.  Managed IT audits across multiple industries for SOx, FDICIA and PCI compliance. Performed security assessments for the payment card industry and corporate network and application security. Performed digital forensic data acquisitions in support of corporate white-collar crime and internal fraud investigations.